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    Saylon Danışmanlık - Reviewer And Language Lead (Legal Financial And Banking)

    Job Definition

    Saylon (www.saylon.com) is currently looking for a strong linguist to fill a freelance/in-house Lead Linguist and Reviewer position.

    The main content types to work on are Legal, Financial and Banking content.

    Aranan Nitelikler


    1. Fluent, near-native knowledge of foreign language
    2. Strong linguistic background: University degree in Translation, Linguistics, Communication, Journalism or Law/Economics
    3. Strong linguistic skills: ability to resolve potential discrepancies and language and terminology issues, to perform language quality controls and provide feedback to translators, as well as to participate in the creation/improvement of project language processes
    4. At least 5+ years of professional experience as translator and reviewer
    5. Experience in translating/reviewing Legal, Financial and Banking content.
    6. Strong communication skills: be able to communicate effectively, both orally and written
    7. Strong coaching skills: be able to identify areas to improve and to provide constructive feedback in order to improve performance of the team
    8. Strong knowledge of CAT tools and ability to quickly learn new ones

    If you meet the requirements and are interested in this position, please submit your CV in English.

    Benefits of collaboration with Saylon:

    • Working in Knowledge, Creativity and Innovation environment
    • Localization tools and technologies expert level
    • Supervision and coordinator skills development
    • Benefit from regular workload
    • Flexibility to work from your own office or home

    We are waiting for you!

    Sektör: Danışmanlık

    Pozisyon: Çeviri Editörü, Çevirmen, Hukuk Tercümanı, Tercüman, Serbest Çevirmen

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