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  • Foreign Trade Executive

    Firma Adı Gizliİstanbul Anadolu, İstanbul Avrupa 6 Haziran 2018
    İş Açıklaması

    We are one of Turkey's leading trading companies involved in various industries and our Istanbul office is now in search of a "Foreign Trade Executive" to join our team. Please submit your CV for evaluation

    Responsible for developing liquid chemicals or metals trading business globally

    Monitor trends and changes in key markets to identify new market and product opportunities

    Coordinate sales and purchases between suppliers and customers to ensure a smooth delivery

    Communicate customer needs to logistics and operations teams to support improving supply chain processes

    Oversee and coordinate execution of the transactions until fulfillment, control of possible demurrage, inventory management, invoice payments, risk exposure, etc.

    Build and maintain customer database, compiling data about clients and their businesses

    Researching new business opportunities

    Researching new suppliers or new products

    Ability to analyze supply, demand, and trade flow fundamentals

    Meeting with suppliers and customers

    Reports to Management

    Aranan Nitelikler

    University degree preferably in foreign trade or business administrative

    Min. of 3 years experience in commodities trading

    Excellent command of written and spoken English

    Experience of Export & Import operations and knowledge of foreign exchange

    No restrictions to travel abroad

    Good knowledge at MS Office applications and ERP programs

    Planning, organizational, marketing, and good presentation skills

    Strong strategic thinker, persuasive skill and self-motivated

    No military obligation for male candidates

    Should be a strong, analytical problem solver with excellent attention to detail

    Sektör: Madencilik, Dış Ticaret, Kimya

    Pozisyon: Gümrük Müdürü, Gümrük Sorumlusu, İhracat Müdürü, İhracat Uzmanı, Lojistik Müdürü, Lojistik Uzmanı

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