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    Our company founded in 1990, operates in 15 countries with 7500+ employees in Turkey and abroad. Since we are growing rapidly, we are looking for new colleagues as “Business Development Assistant Specialist” located in İstanbul (Anatolian Side) accordance with the following criteria for our company:

    Aranan Nitelikler

    If you say...

    • I love dealing with numbers and data...
    • I intend to work in the area about Business Development, Data Visualization, Business Intelligence, Decision Support Systems, Dashboards, Strategic Planning, Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP), etc...
    • I can both research and develop...
    • I always have a bright idea...
    • I work wonders with MS Excel, VBA, Google Sheets, and JavaScript...
    • I am able to use at least one of tools such as Python, R, Matlab, Knime...
    • To be target, result and solution oriented, diligent, and analytical thinking are my main features...
    • My second native language is English
    • I believe that there is no age for learning...
    • I can adapt comfortably to change...
    • I have strong communication skill at all levelswhether written or oral…
    • My positiveenergy is immediately felt among my colleagues…
    • I am an Industrial or a Computer Engineer with 0-2-yearexperience...
    • I have all of these features
    • I have my goals and I want to talk about them...
    • I want to progress in my career in major topics such as...
    • Demand planning,
    • Forecasting methods,
    • Resource planning, and balancing,
    • Financial planning,
    • KPI monitoring, and management,
    • Budget planning, monitoring, and control

    via Data Analysis, Decision Support Systems, Data Visualization

    I want to be a member of the country's most talented Information Management team, in our Ekol that is the number one in thesector…

    We are waiting for your applications...

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  • İş Açıklaması

    Looking for Business Development and Marketing Associate for an International Research and Development company that remains tightly focused on software and hardware technologies for forensic imaging, early diagnosis systems, mobile microscopic quality control systems.

    • Providing regional support to the Strategic Business Development and Marketing team
    • Maintain the existing customer relationships.
    • Ensuring coordination of customer’s change requests
    • Carry out negotiations with potential customers and institutions,
    • Creating new proposals by identifying customer requirements,
    • Follow up with customers about their agreements and orders, correspondence,
    • Working on customer databases to develop customer portfolio
    • Coordination with the production and warehouse in performing the export operations,
    • Coordination with the company's third-party service providers,
    • Supporting the team with social media moderation, digital PR and/or online reputation management,
    Aranan Nitelikler
    • Highly self- motivated, dynamic, process and result oriented,
    • Dynamic, willing to work long-term and responsible,
    • Strong teamwork, strong communication, open to innovative and self-development,
    • Detail-oriented,self-confident, well business disciplined
    • Educational Background: Bachelor's Degree
    • Work Experience: Minimum 2 years’ experience to a similar position,
    • Age Limits: Between 25-35 years old,
    • Languages: Excellent command of English both written and spoken, preferably fluent in Spanish or Russian,
    • No travel restrictions,

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