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  • Human Resource Generalist

    Crossover LLCTüm Türkiye 7 Kasım 2018
    İş Açıklaması


    The Crossover Human Resources Generalist serves our more than 4,000 partners around the world and will:

    Help Administer US based payroll using various tools and partnering with our payroll company to deliver flawless payments.

    Maintain personnel files in compliance with applicable legal requirements.

    Keep employee records up-to-date by processing employee status changes in timely fashion.

    Assist in maintaining budget spreadsheet that includes salaries, payroll taxes and fringe allowances.

    Deliver the onboarding process to all US based assets assigned to US based payroll.

    Prepare paperwork required to place employees on payroll and establishes personnel file.

    Assist in hiring process by coordinating job posting on the website, reviewing resumes, and performing telephone interviews and reference checks.

    Support in day to day functions including, email correspondence, partner support help, social platform management, and problem solving

    Other related duties as they are deemed necessary.


    Preparing, updating and releasing US based payroll and benefits program.

    Preparing or updating employment records related to hiring, transferring, promoting, and terminating

    Explaining human resources policies, procedures, laws, and standards to new and existing employees

    Support in day to day functions - email, partner support, social media management.

    Ensuring new hire paperwork is completed and processed

    Informing job applicants of job duties, responsibilities, benefits, schedules, working conditions, promotion opportunities, etc.

    Addressing any employment relations issues, such as work complaints and other allegations

    Be engaging to all of our partners around the globe. Insight into maintaining high engagement is a top priority.

    Processing all personnel action forms and ensuring proper approval

    Defining, altering and calibrating processes as the company grows


    The position is only for candidates residing in the US.

    Bachelor’s degree

    Minimum of three years of job-related experience, in a human resource department

    Excellent interpersonal and organizational skills with the ability to facilitate dialog and collaborate effectively with cross-functional teams.

    Knowledge of office administration procedures.

    Attention to detail is a MUST.

    Self-motivated and able to work successfully in a 100% virtual environment

    Aranan Nitelikler

    Sektör: Bilgisayar / BT / Internet

    Pozisyon: İnsan Kaynakları Sorumlusu, İnsan Kaynakları Uzman Yard, İnsan Kaynakları Uzmanı, İşe Alım Sorumlusu, İşe Alım Uzman Yardımcısı, İşe Alım Uzmanı, İşe Alma Uzmanı, Personel ve Özlük İşleri Sorumlusu, Personel ve Özlük İşleri Uzmanı

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