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    Ethic HRİstanbul Anadolu 23 Mart 2020
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    Our client is an international transportation infrastructure operator. Now we are looking for a TOLL MANAGER for paid transportation service.


    · To implement company policy and strategy on all matters relating to Tolling Operations in a full Automatic Toll Collection system.

    · To organise and manage the team in charge of the Toll Collection,

    · To monitor and manage KPI related to the tolling activity as required from the O&M Contract

    · At a minimum, meet company statutory and regulatory obligations, deliver quality products and services to satisfy customer requirements and expectations and conform to International Standard ISO 9001.

    · To establish, maintain and support a safe, healthy working environment for all staff, customers, visitors and others who may be involved in, or affected by, tolling operations.

    · To ensure that all tolling operations staff are kept fully aware of statutory, regulatory and customer requirements and the importance of meeting these.

    · To ensure that measurable objectives are established, that these are linked to the overall business objectives and that they are reviewed and updated as appropriate via a programme of regular performance appraisals for all staff.

    · To ensure that the processes necessary for delivery of statutory / regulatory, customer and business requirements are planned, established and reviewed for effectiveness and continual improvement.

    · To ensure provision of the necessary resources to implement and maintain the Toll System, to continually improve its effectiveness and to enhance customer satisfaction by fulfilling customer requirements and expectations.

    · To delegate to relevant functions, the authority and responsibility for implementation, management, delivery and reporting of the processes, objectives and targets of the Tolling Plan.

    · To prepare and revise toll procedures

    · To comply with the relevant procedures, directives and other legal requirements of all certificated management systems.

    · Acts as a substitute for Toll Supervisor when necessary.

    · Comply with HSE rules and procedures, code of ethic rules and HR policies of the Company.

    · Works to fulfil all leadership commitments specified in the Leadership and commitment article of all certified management systems

    Aranan Nitelikler


    · University Master Diploma or degree qualified in an appropriate and acceptable discipline with demonstrated experience in managerial or supervisory positions relating to Operations will be highly regarded

    · Toll experience in an O&M Motorway company or experience in similar position in sectors related to the management in commercial networks

    · Current proficiency in relevant screen-based systems and appropriate software

    · Knowledge in fraud and violation in Public Transport

    · Formal managerial training and/or qualifications will be well regarded

    · Significant managerial experience and track record as a highly-motivated self-starter managing service delivery in a demanding rapid response environment such as Toll services or similar

    · Fluently English spoken and written

    · Demonstrable leadership, creativity and lateral thinking skills particularly with respect to developing operational plans, service agreements and contractual relationships

    · Ability to work under pressure and within defined time lines, as both a Manager and independently, developing a reputation for honesty and sincerity in customer relationships

    · Ability to recommend, implement and maintain best practice managerial and administrative standards in areas such as operations and services management

    · Knowledge and awareness of contemporary OH&S, anti-Discrimination and Harassment prohibition issues

    · High level of organizational ability and communication skills with capacity to handle a wide variety of contacts with diplomacy, tact and commercial acumen

    · High level, professional oral & written presentation skills

    · Well-developed skill and proficiency in networked computer operations, as well as PC based word processing and spreadsheets

    Please apply the position by attaching your CV in English. We thank to effort of all applicants. However, we will contact only with the ones who has right competencies and experience.

    ETHIC HR has "Private Recruitment Company" license from ISKUR. (The license number is 76, October 13, 2005)

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