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Since 2004, ASRY Textile that has been a powerful company in underwear market, prepares collections to famous brands around the Europe and markets its own trademark Doreanse Underwear to the world.

Professional staff manufactures brief, boxer, athlete, t-shirt, nightgown, pyjama, homewear, body and garter groups for men and ladies with capacity of 2,5 million pieces per year. ASRY delivers high quality and its wide product range to all clients by using last technology without any problem with different logistical selections.

Doreanse Underwear which had attentions of many people, is a registered trademark that has been placed in exclusive shops in Turkey and around the world. The feedbacks that we have got from our representatives and clients are the fundamentals of our successes.

The dynamics and harmonics under a single roof is the first reason to choose ASRY Textile. You can prefer ASRY Textile in safe by investigating our references, rich designs and quality products.


To serve the quality as a life style by developing culture and senses of consumers, to present new qualities, to produce the newest design, to be a design center. Quality is in deteails.


To improve the circulating capital, develop the base, to provide the customer’s satisfaction by providing perfect raw material in Europe norms from local suppliers via forcing them.


Fashion is the first effect on globalism then our idea is not to be captivated global winds but following the global processes and to provide cultural diversity via;

-Dependence on Basic Human Rights



-Business Ethic


-Unconditional Customers Satisfaction are the most important values for us.

Firma Bilgileri

  • Çalışan Sayısı
    • 10 Beyaz Yaka
    • 50 Mavi Yaka
  • Çalışma Saatleri
    • Haftaiçi: 08:00-19:00
    • Cumartesi: 08:00-13:00
    • Pazar Yok
  • Sosyal ve Yan Haklar
    •  Servis
    •  Araç (pozisyona bağlı)
    •  Prim (pozisyona bağlı)
    •  Yemekhane
    •  Bayram Yardımı
  • Şirket İçi Yapılan IK Etkinlikleri
    • Etkinlik Kulüpleri (Spor, satranç, fotoğraf vb.)

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