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    We are looking for a ''Functional Design Engineer (Cooker Group)'' for our client who is a leading company in the white goods sector.

    • Controlling the development of new products from functional point of view
    • Responsible for technical issues of all existing products and new projects
    • Design and development of the new products, CFD modeling of the thermal systems (hobs, cookers and ovens)
    • Responsible of component selection according to design guidance and standard requirements
    • Checking the compliance of the components used to the design requirements
    • Optimization of mechanical and electromechanical components on the product and working on quality / cost reduction projects
    • Ensure the energy performance of the existing and new oven products to fulfill the EU norms and regulations
    • Deciding of mechanical and electromechanical components for new launched products and following of functional tests
    • Defining design guidelines for functional parts of product and assure that the drawings and the specifications for the functional parts are correct
    • Support Laboratories in the definition of Internal Test Standards
    • Analyzing and solving related field problems
    • Monitoring new launched products during production and following life tests of new products
    • To examine the effects of material changes from the component suppliers on design and production; to carry out material changes if necessary.
    • To evaluate compliance of the alternative components according to standards, making test plan and launching components to the production.
    Aranan Nitelikler

    Positions will be at our Eskişehir location. Required qualifications:

    • Bachelor's degree in Mechanical, Aviation or Aircraft Engineering,
    • Good communication skills, strong analytical thinking,
    • Excellent oral and written skills in English,
    • Excellent problem solving and attention to detail,
    • Knowledge of mechanical and electromechanical components of cooking appliances,
    • To have knowledge about 3D CAD Systems (Preferably Creo 4 / ProEngineer),
    • To have information about Heat Transfer and Fluid Dynamics,
    • To have knowledge about CFD analysis (Preferably FloEFD),
    • Minimum 3 years of experience in the relevant fields,
    • Living or open to relocate in Eskişehir,
    • No obstacles for travel.

    Sektör: Beyaz Eşya

    Pozisyon: Tasarım Mühendisi, Elektronik Tasarım Mühendisi, Mekanik Tasarım Mühendisi, Mekanik Tasarım Uzmanı, Uçak Mühendisi

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