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  • İş Açıklaması

    University degree in Mechanical or Chemical Engineering
    · New graduate or max. 1 years of experience
    · Basic Mechanical &Electrical knowledge · Knowledge of the Quality Criteria
    · Fluency in both written and spoken in English
    · High level of communication and interpersonal skills
    · No military obligation for the male candidates
    · Problem solving skills
    · Having good time management skills.

    Aranan Nitelikler

    · Design, implement and maintain systems to collect and analyse data for critical product and process parameters
    · Use this data to identify process losses · Work with line management to prioritize improvement opportunities
    · Eliminate or reduce (prioritized) losses through making process or work system changes
    · Participate in the daily direction-setting process – report results, flag issues and request resources
    · Own critical daily management systems, e.g. centre-lining (run-to-target)
    · Use Reliability Engineering tools to drive center-lining and loss elimination
    · Standardize equipment and work processes. Own the change management system for a designated process. Update process control strategies and operating procedures as changes occur
    · Share and reapply learning across processes, modules and plants
    · Prepare training on process/equipment changes
    · Develop him/ herself through participating in corporate and external training

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