İlan Detay


Job Definition

Our main activity is production of high-performance rubber powder from the end of life automobile and bus / truck tires and the sales and marketing of these products in Turkey and abroad.

Products obtained are used as an additive and performance enhancer in the production of new tires and in all industries where the rubber raw material is used. Furthermore, they are used in the asphalt and roofing membrane industries.

The candidate will be responsible for the organization, follow-up and management of all Sales and Marketing processes.


  • To make the budget management by making financial follow-up in the whole operation.
  • To determine the needs of the organization and to create the team by making the necessary plans.
  • Organizing the team's work schedule and following the route plans.
  • Monitor the performance of the team and to take precautions where necessary.
  • To determine the needs for training / development of the team and to provide necessary support.
  • To follow up with customers and manage relations with customers.
  • To contribute to production planning in communication with the production department
  • Following up the innovations in the market and industry.
  • Bachelor degree. (Preferably Mechanical or Chemical Engineering)
  • Experienced in selling and marketing rubber / rubber by-products
  • Generally experienced in Sales, Marketing and budget management.
  • To have a minimum of 5 years of field and team management experience.
  • To be able to speak English effectively in sales, marketing and technical terms.
  • Note: The candidate must be able to speak English at an advanced level.
  • Export experience.
  • Not restriction for domestic and international travel.
  • Preferably not over the age of 45
  • Resident or able to live in Istanbul.