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Ariteks, founded as a family owned business in 1975, is the leading textile manufacturer company both in fashion and technical textiles.

By continuously developing high-end technologies it provides solutions to end users in apparel, protective workwear, functional sport ,medical wear as well as technical textiles in construction and transportation industries.

As the pioneer company in special dyeing methods like indigo, vat, space-dye, coating and laminating systems, Ariteks produces highest-quality fabrics both for international and domestic markets.

Ariteks uses clean and renewable energy resources. It consumes minimum amount of water by using continuous optimized systems.

Based in 4000m2 with 12 separate in house R&D laboratories, the company spends %5 of its budget for research and developing future technologies. It focuses especially on 3rd generation solar cells on flexible fabrics and biosensing textiles.

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    • Haftaiçi: 08:59-16:00
    • Cumartesi: 08:16-12:00
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