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Formülasyon Uzmanı
  • Formulation Specialist

    Clariant Türkiyeİstanbul Anadolu 27 Ocak 2020
    İş Açıklaması

    We are seeking highly qualified, dynamic candidates willing to pursue a professional career in a rewarding and fastly growing business environment as Formulation Specialist, Crop Solutions Aplication Lab.

    Purpose of Job: To conduct all the tasks given within the laboratory in the right way as soon as possible. To use the necessary machines, equipment, test tools and materials in a safe and proper way for himself/herself and for the environment while conducting these tasks.

    Essential Function 1: Procedures and Instructions

    • Learns the laboratory-related procedures and instructions and implements them fully during the activities
    • Learns the instructions related to occupational health, safety and protection of the environment and complies with them fully during the activities

    Essential Function 2: Functional Duties

    • Conducts the daily works according to the schedule given.
    • Develops new formulations based on market needs.
    • Supports to be provided right solutions in terms of new products to the customer requests
    • Prepares the necessary test equipment and tools required for works.
    • Conducts the necessary test, analysis etc. Required for laboratory activities according to the designated methods and procedures.
    • Uses the relevant machines, equipment and devices properly while working
    • Records the working results in the relevant forms (by making necessary calculations and assessments when appointed) and submits them to the supervisor
    • Prepares necessary samples (customer samples, witness samples, test samples)
    • Keeps laboratory chemicals in accordance with the relevant procedures and instructions

    Essential Function 3: Providing Environmental, Safety and Health Conditions

    • Takes necessary safety measures prior to, during and after production (supply of protective equipment, measures taken for industrial hygiene, measures for machine safety and fire extinguishing etc)
    • Maintains the cleaning and arrangement of the equipment used in the working areas.
    • Removes the expired samples and chemicals from the laboratory in accordance with the relevant procedures and instructions.

    Essential Function 4: Compliance of Machines, Equipment and Devices

    • Checks the conformity of machines, equipment and devices and informs the supervisor about non-conformities identifies (for maintenance-repair procedures).
    • Checks the calibration status of production equipment and informs the supervisor about the non-conformities identified (for calibration procedures).
    • Fulfills the tasks given by supervisor in connection with maintenance, repair and calibration procedures

    Essential Function 4: Process, Efficiency, Quality Improvements

    • Makes suggestions to his/her supervisor to improve the process and increase efficiency and quality and attends the relevant activities.
    Aranan Nitelikler
    • Bachelor’s degree in chemistry,
    • Minimum 3 years experience in the lab preferably as formulation specialist in the agrochemicals,
    • Competent in Office (Excel, Powerpoint and Word),
    • Fluent English both written and spoken will be required,
    • No travel restrictions,
    • Residency in Istanbul Anatolian side,
    • Military obligation for male candidates must have completed.

    Sektör: Kimya

    Pozisyon: Formülasyon Uzmanı

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