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Gümrük Yönetici/Yönetmen Yardımcısı
  • Logistics and Customs Specialist

    Alteks Tekstilİstanbul Avrupa 17 Mayıs 2019
    İş Açıklaması

    Job Description

    • Coordinate the routing of import and export bookings with airline and ocean carriers

    • Support the development of existing and new customers by working closely with your Branch Manager and the entire sales organization

    • Collaborate and build relationships with suppliers, forwarder companies, agent representatives regarding air, ocean, import products to strengthen service competitiveness

    • Prepare all necessary shipping documentation related to international bookings and process all import/export documentation to clearing agents to include Euro 1, Exporter Declaration, Shipping Instructions, Certificate of Origin, etc.)

    • Dispatch pick-ups to authorized agents and drayage companies, shipping lines, airlines, trucking companies, warehouses, and all other parties involved in the shipment

    • Track and trace shipments, researching and resolving any issues regarding billing or shipping discrepancies, communicate timely correspondence back to both exporter company and vendors

    • Act as a liaison with Custom Brokers and agents, along with forwarder companies.

    • Support your branches quarterly metrics while obtaining if not exceeding your individual metrics

    Aranan Nitelikler

    Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

    • Ability to work in a blended operations and customer development role,

    • Self motivated, assertive, and responds to branch metrics,

    • Reads, analyzes and interprets highly complex international regulations and procedures,

    • Manages complex transactional or emotional customer situations promptly and professionally,

    • Ability to multitask in a fast paced environment with rapidly changing priorities,

    • Contributes to building a positive team spirit and puts success of team above own interests,

    • Ability to read, write, and speak English fluently

    • Preferred but not required, a Bachelor's Degree in Business with emphasis in Supply Chain Management, Transportation and Logistics, Sales and Marketing, or International Business

    • Minimum of two years International Forwarding Experience

    • Detailed knowledge of operational procedures regarding air, ocean, import/export business

    • Strong customer service, customer development, or business development experience

    • Knowledge of state, federal, and international applicable laws and regulations i.e. customs, TSA, security, and all other import and export government agencies that regulate international trade

    • Experience in Microsoft Office applications

    Sektör: Mağazacılık / Perakendecilik, Tekstil

    Pozisyon: Gümrük Yönetici/Yönetmen Yardımcısı, Lojistik Uzmanı, Lojistik Yetkilisi

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