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    The ININ Administrator-Business Analyst for this role will be responsible from the dialer system ININ 4.0 Genesys Pure Connect, providing full dialer management along with scheduled ad-hoc reporting followed by data analyses. Working alongside the Leadership Team and Directors, the role will provide all administrative work for the dialer manage campaigns, manage call traffic of the interaction dialer, data management of the call center and business analysis for call center efficiency.

    • Provide frequent and accurate performance measurements - on an individual, team, and department level in the call center - to help the Leadership Team meet/exceed its performance commitments.
    • Work with the Leadership Team to develop, implement and track process improvements.
    • Deliver scorecards and audits to support incentive programs.
    • Forecasting. Ability to analyse call trends and provide an ongoing improvement to staffing models for dialler efficiency.
    • Automate regular reporting requirements and provide ad-hoc reports for leadership and others in the organization on department performance daily, weekly, monthly as requested.
    • Support strong decision-making by devising and measuring experimental projects, pilots, and other tests.
    • Using analytics tools, assess the differences in dept. performance to determine if metrics are being met.
    • Analyze multi-routing result of call volumes, call patterns, call trends and staff productivity for assigned call-centre; use this information to build, coordinate, and accurately maintain employee schedules.
    Aranan Nitelikler
    • Knowledge of ININ Genesys 4.0 and/or 3.0 dialler systems
    • Advance T-SQL skills (Ability to demonstrate strong SQL data joining methodology)
    • Advance PL/SQL knowledge (ability to create jobs in the system)
    • Knowledge of Genesys SQL Tables
    • Experienced in dialler system monitoring with track record of Data Management, Campaign & Call Traffic Management
    • Experienced in custom scripting and Genesys IC tools
    • Strong analytical, problem-solving and logic skills. Must enjoy using data to understand and support problem solving at the business level
    • Excellent time management and prioritization skills, self-starter. Ability to work independent of others with limited oversight and successfully report out on data based on defined timelines
    • Flexible, proactive and self-motivated approach to work, eager to learn and develop
    • Excellent communication skills (written and oral) with various levels within the organization

    • Qualified to degree level or equivalent (ideally from Engineering, Faculties of Statistics or Mathematics from a reputable University)

    • 3 or more years of relevant experience with the financial services or insurance industry in a role requiring independent analysis of performance metrics. (Prefer experience in high volume call center )

    • Proven experience forecasting with WFM applications Genesys 4.0

    • Fluency in English and Turkish

    Sektör: Sigortacılık, Bankacılık / Finans, Telekomünikasyon ve Network

    Pozisyon: IT Operasyon Uzmanı, İş Analiz Uzmanı, İş Analiz Yöneticisi/Yönetmeni, Sistem Çözüm Yöneticisi

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