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PORTX LOJISTIK AS - Freight Coordinator

Job Definition

Freight Coordinator Job Description
Facilitate Quick Communication
Freight coordinators route incoming and outgoing communication regarding transportation needs and freight shipments for their organizations. They answer phones and provide support by transferring calls to the appropriate party, relaying messages and quickly responding to emails.
Shipment Records Management
Every day, freight coordinators track, trace, and update the status of shipments using company systems. They comb through work orders and invoices to decipher the total amount of shipments due. Freight coordinators enter data into electronic databases to process the reports they receive.
Great freight coordinators go the extra mile to ensure that carriers deliver cargo in a timely fashion, and keep up-to-date shipping records.
Monitor Billing and Shipping Costs
Freight coordinators monitor reports, analyze quotes, and administer billing documents according to company policies and procedures.


Freight Coordinator Skills and Qualifications

Freight coordinators should be highly organized and have a knack for multi-tasking and working well under pressure.

  • Supply chain management – freight coordinators must have good coordination skills to handle multiple logistics responsibilities
  • Fluent English -Must be able to read, write and speak english at an upper intermediate level. (Ability to talk on the phone and write over email to clients)
  • Data Entry – freight coordinators constantly input data to update shipping orders.
  • Record-keeping – successful freight coordinators have great record-keeping aptitude and use attention to detail in order to report any damages, discrepancies, or needed reimbursements.
  • Basic math skills – counting incoming cargo and calculating outgoing invoices is a key duty for coordinators.
  • Negotiation – freight coordinators negotiate with clients to effectively grow cost-effective partnerships and generate revenue.
  • Writing skills – preparing necessary documentation for shipments and being able to explain oneself clearly is an important part of a freight coordinator’s job.
  • Customer service skills – to successfully complete their job, freight coordinators must interface with a variety of people non-stop and provide excellent customer service.
  • Google Workspace- ability to use a computer and Google Workspace
  • Analytical thinking- Active planning, reporting, follow-up, planning and organizational skills
  • Teamwork- Has the ability and care to follow the work process carefully to report to the team