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Bu Tanıtım Organizasyon - Content Producer

İş Açıklaması

We are looking for Content Producers who will be working for our client which is an international exhibition company which organizes more than 130 events and conferences worldwide in 13 countries with more than 1.200 experienced personnel.

Position offers a one year contract and do not require full time availability. The candidates can work at their other projects/jobs while they fulfill the job requirements.

Monthly Terms 3.500 TL + 100 TL Internet Fee + Laptop + Meal Fee + Social Insurance Fee (SGK)

Corporate Strategic Objective

  • Content creates platforms for industry professionals to educate, network and inspire.
  • To use quantity and quality of content in different event formats as a key competitive differentiator for the top events in Turkey.

Event by Event Objective

  • To create a level and type of content that will attract the right categories and levels of visitor attendance at the show by building engagement between sectors’ stakeholders, influencers, buyers and exhibitors.


Overall Responsibilities

  • To conduct research in the sector, write an appropriate conference programme, secure speakers and partners for the event and liaise, where appropriate, with marketing, sales and event operations.
  • Keeping up to date with key themes on Food, rail, beauty, tourism and construction industries.
  • Following reports and trends to integrate relevant topics and speakers to the Content programme.
  • Running weekly meetings with and reporting regularly to Content Manager and Head of Content.
  • Meeting all deadlines
  • Working in a team of 4 – head of Content, Content Manager, Content producer and Content assistant.

Event by Event responsibilities:

Content creation

  • Feedback to the Regional Head of content to understand and determine the programmer strategy for the event (in line with the product strategy)
  • Conduct meetings/calls (Min of 5 per day during research) with key visitors/partners/industry players/associations to determine areas of interest and potential speakers
  • Determine who might be responsible for creating content (for example associations)
  • Feedback on how much content to include for each of the key visitor groups
  • Writing comprehensive agenda sessions and descriptions for the Content features – based on based on feedback and reasearch from meetings and calls.
  • Identifying topics and themes to feature in virtual events at points throughout the year
  • Identifiying and recruiting 50 + speakers for each trade show, through email, phone, f2f invites.
  • Identifiying and building relationships with relevant speakers to feature in f2f and virtual shows.
  • Building and managing a network of speakers and supporters.
  • Including innovative/the best formats for content delivery
  • Working with media partners and associations to support/develop the programme where appropriate

Working with the sales team:

  • Identify potential sponsors and conduct soft research with them
  • Write a sponsorship brief
  • Create opportunities in the programme for sponsors
  • Work with confirmed sponsors who are speaking on their position in the programme

Working with the marketing team:

  • Work with the marketing team to determine how to use content to market the show
  • Support the marketing team in their efforts to gain media/association support
  • Deliver relevant copy on time to the marketing team
  • Create or approve key marketing material for brochures, emails and relevant parts of the website
  • Writing copyrights for webcontent, mailing campaigns and social media posts that will be prepared to promote the Content programme.
  • Following up promo visuals specifically designed for the events that are created by the team.

Working with event operations team (Technical and admin)

  • Provide relevant speaker details to the event operations team
  • Work with the sales team and event operations team on the location for the various programmes
  • Work with event operations on the execution of all formats in relation to technical and field needs.
  • Following up Content feature stand design, stand branding and field signages specifically designed for the events that are created by the team.

On field duties at following exhibitions:

  • Eurasia Rail: 25-27 Novamber 2021, Tüyap (İstanbul)
  • Emitt: 9-12 February 2022, Tüyap (İstanbul)
  • Turkeybuild: 23-26 March 2022, Tüyap (İstanbul)
  • BeautyEurasia: 15-17 June 2022, İFM (İstanbul)
  • WorldFood İstanbul: September 2022, Tüyap (İstanbul)

İstenen Yetenek ve Uzmanlıklar

  • Fluent in English and Turkish
  • Having 2-3 years of experience
  • Analytical and questioning mindset
  • Fast learner, committed to personal development and growth