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Lojistik Satış Temsilcisi
  • District Sales Executive

    Expeditors Taşımacılıkİstanbul Avrupa, İstanbul Anadolu 5 Ağustos 2019
    İş Açıklaması

    The District Sales Executive (DSE) position is our core Sales role, as part of an integrated sales team providing exceptional service to a diverse client base. The DSE is responsible for collaborating with an experienced Management team in the development of client specific solutions while integrating leading edge technologies which will add value throughout the supply chain.

    Main Tasks & Responsibilities:
    (include but not limited to)
    • Visit company contacts at their offices. Drive or be driven to the customer’s locations
    • Manage an assigned territory and demonstrate extensive knowledge of potential customers and competitors in this area.
    • Present/Explain value-added solutions to Target company contacts.
    • Orchestrate involvement of multiple people in the Sales process, so that new customer revenue is consistently secured for our district office and Expeditors network.
    • Assess assigned territory for industry trends and communicate them to the District Sales Manager.
    • Build and then maintain a good pipeline of 25 Target and 50 Prospect companies, and approximately 100 researched and qualified sales Leads.
    • Visit Target companies at least once per month, while maintaining an acceptable number of total visits. Minimum expectation is 60 sales calls per month: 70% with Target companies, and 30% with Prospects, which includes first appointments with new Prospects. Written pre-call planning is required.
    • Complete Sales record keeping in our CRM system according to published time and completion standards.
    • Support the Transition & Implementation phase of the Sales process through customer introductions, information transfer, and securing any necessary customer paperwork. When needed, support AR collection.
    • Attend training & development sessions to continue developing selling skills and updating Expeditors Product and Service knowledge.

    Aranan Nitelikler

    • Oral and written proficiency in English language
    • Strong problem solving, organizational and interpersonal skills
    • Work productively both individually and in a team environment
    • Propensity to successfully manage priorities and respond to deadlines ahead of schedule
    • Strong influential skills
    • A University Degree or recognized professional qualification as a university equivalent is required

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