Amerikan Kültür Dil Okulları - Natıve Englısh Speakers

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We are looking for NATIVE ENGLISH SPEAKERS who will work at American Culture Foreign Education Office in Beşiktaş, ISTANBUL

İstenen Yetenek ve Uzmanlıklar


We are looking for a native speaker teachers for a new online speaking practice project ..

You are teaching 15 mins only per each student a day via phone/skype/tango to the students.

(5+... & 50+... ages)

It doesn't matter where you are living,where you are working.

Full time/Part Time options.

You can add some teaching hours on your timeline.

Our centre is near Besiktas, İstanbul.

You can call us from +90 212 236 60 00 .

You can search us from the website showing above.

We are waiting for your cv’s?


Contact E-mail: