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Laboratory Supervisor

İlan Detay

Ekur Et - Laboratory Supervisor

İş Açıklaması

“Ekur Et Entegre is a subsidiary company of Tab Food Investments (TFI), the market leader of the fast food restaurant industry in Türkiye. Serving with approximately 2500 fast-food restaurants globally, TFI has established facilities for the production of high quality, safe and healthy products with fully traceable sources in line with growing business capacity, developing technology and needs.

Founded in 2016, Ekur Et Entegre production facility is the supplier of red meat products for the leading fast food restaurant chains in Türkiye such as Burger King, Arby's, Usta Dönerci and Sbarro. Ekur Et Entegre offers high quality and safe red meat products to its consumers through its retail brand Amasya Et Ürünleri since 2017.”

  1. To check examination and testing procedures conducted at lab;
  2. To take part in the activities on the establishment, operation and development of Quality Management Systems in the lab;
  3. To plan and implement the analyzes to be applied regarding the laboratory for which s/he is responsible and to report to the laboratory manager for initial approval;
  4. To support the validation / verification activities in the analyzes carried out in the lab;
  5. To perform daily maintenance, control and verification of lab devices and equipment and to keep their records;
  6. To maintain in-house quality control efforts and to participate in qualification tests in order to secure the results for the analyzes performed in the lab.
  7. To perform lab statistical studies, supplies and test kit counting, and check and record the expiry dates of the kits.
  8. To ensure that the decontamination processes are carried out and the wastes are disposed of in a safe way;
  9. To follow the quality targets related to her/his own unit, to provide the necessary support to achieve such targets
  10. To ensure that the forms and reports kept in the unit for which s/he is responsible are filled in completely and accurately.
  11. To actively get involved in accident investigations, risk assessment, environmental impact-size assessment studies deemed necessary by the senior management.

İstenen Yetenek ve Uzmanlıklar

  1. Graduate of Biology or Food Engineering departments of universities,
  2. Recent graduate or 1-2 years of experience to be trained,
  3. Good command of up-to-date office software and computer programs
  4. TS EN ISO / IEC 17025 Basic / documentation training,
  5. Preferably fluent in English
  6. Able to adapt to hard working environment and flexible working hours.
  7. Open to development and knowledge sharing, solution-oriented, prone to teamwork
İlan Tarihi:
İstihdam Türü:
Tam Zamanlı
Laboratuvar Sorumlusu, Laboratuvar Şefi, Laboratuvar Takım Lideri, Laboratuvar Uzmanı, Uygulama Laboratuvar Şefi
Referans No:
Eğitim Seviyesi:
Üniversite (Mezun), Yüksek Lisans (Mezun), Doktora / PHD (Mezun)
Firma Adı:
Ekur Et İş İlanları
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