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Finansal Planlama Uzmanı İş İlanları

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Finansal Planlama Uzmanı
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    You will utilize standard reporting & analysis platforms and data structures to architect, implement and deploy finance insight tools across the organization. The key to valuable insights will be to integrate data structures, automate finance analysis and merging of complex finance flows of a multinational and heterogeneous corporation.

    You will collaborate with finance and engineering teams to investigate finance flows, converting business requirements into reports and insights of enterprise quality.

    You will design reports, integrate data and implement planning and analysis reports,

    You will train the reporting team, design support procedures, lead work streams, continually improve processes and outcomes, the success of which will be judged on simplicity and effectiveness.

    Manage operations of Finance functions (A/P, A/R, Treasury, Reporting, General Ledger) in a multi-national company, maintaining the day-to-day productivity of the team, inventing and implementing productivity practices

    Provide coordination with customers, banks and service providers responsible for ongoing finance transaction management, services, and reporting, accounting support, operations support

    Monitor and manage the compliance with all relevant prescriptions, agreements, and indentures. Understand thresholds for debt/credit leverage, periodic reporting and compliance certificates requirements and due dates

    Maintain corporate policies and procedures in a scope of responsibility. Ensure compliance with all respective regulations in areas of responsibility. Ensure efficiency, effectiveness and transparency systems

    Participate in capital structure transactions, acquisitions, restructuring, both analysis, and execution

    Coordinate with Financial Planning and Analysis to plan and execute effective on-going and forecasting processes. Develop and support initiatives to improve working capital management effectiveness

    Provide support on presentations to Sr. Management and the owners, as needed

    › Fostering an environment for mutual success
    Managing and staffing a team
    - Hiring of new team members for our global team.
    - Driving team members’ success
    - Off-boarding team members

    Driving & Supporting team members’ success
    - being aware of people’s strengths & weaknesses
    - staff according to these parameters
    - running corporate management framework (goal setting and monitoring) - maintain playbooks, metrics, goals for new staff.

    Carefully navigating sensitive situations and tasks, both internally and externally
    - appreciating different perspectives, while driving toward solutions

    Provide support to M&A transactions

    ›Driving efficiency improvement solutions and iteration
    Suggestion of new processes to increase efficiency and productivity

    Planning, executing, and reviewing approved suggestions within the company

    Documentation. All of the hard work everyone does needs to be documented and listed somewhere, particularly the business processes

    Relationship-building with external customers and vendors. Some of the tasks include discussing contracts and rates with vendors and getting better terms and results.

    Aranan Nitelikler

    Bachelor’s Degree (MBA preferred) in Business, Finance, Accounting or a related field

    CPA, ACCA, or CFA required

    Minimum of 7 years experience working as a controller or finance manager under US GAAP/IFRS responsible for the end to end financial closing process with revenue upwards of $100 million

    Significant experience with internal and external audits including interactions with auditors

    Experience in Finance in and IT / Production organization

    Experience with large corporate finance ERP (Microsoft Dynamic ERP, SAP, Sage, Paragon, NetSuite)

    Budgeting and forecasting background as an owner for this function in global companies

    Ability to think clearly in difficult situations

    Ability to triage, quickly identify the most critical issues & put smaller issues to the side

    Maintain focus on the larger problems (not losing these smaller issues and giving them some progress, though)

    Experience multi-tasking, managing priorities, knowing what needs to be done first and what can wait. Not necessarily in the order received

    Working remotely, available at least partially during US business hours

    Proficient in both written and spoken English, and excellent communication skills

    M&A transaction experience is an important plus

    You are well-organized, accurate in details, attentive and structured. You have a creative mindset to determine the best way to solve a particular problem since there could be multiple solutions.

    You keep communications with all interested parties, create a clear visibility: about current team status and provisioning of results for Sr. Management; about targets, focus and priorities for the staff under your supervision.

    You’re not a lone-wolf; you enjoy working as a team and like bouncing ideas off of each other.

    Sektör: Bilgisayar / BT / Internet

    Pozisyon: Bütçe ve Finansal Planlama Müdürü, Finansal Planlama Şefi, Finansal Planlama Uzmanı, Finansal Planlama ve Kontrol Müdürü

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