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İlan Detay


Job Definition

CRAS Solutions is a privately held chemicals distribution and consulting company headquartered in Istanbul, Turkey.

We’re looking for an EA/PA to support the CEO. This role will coordinate and manage executive scheduling, prepare and organize necessary legal and strategic materials and plans, support board meetings, and the preparation of board materials. This role serves as the eyes and ears for the CEO, connecting organizations, projects, and critical business information to the CEO, ensuring meetings and materials are efficient and effective, and serving as a trusted partner to deliver against the legal priorities of the business.

The dynamic nature of this role requires that the ideal candidate have exemplary time management skills and the ability to identify and anticipate the CEO’s needs. The role must interact seamlessly and with a professional demeanor across a broad range of individuals, including members of the Senior Management Team, Board of Directors, and leaders that report to the CEO. To perform this job successfully, the individual is expected to handle highly sensitive and confidential financial, legal, personnel, and institutional information while exercising professionalism and discretion.

  • Organizing and following the executive agenda
  • Fulfilling the requirements of the delegated private and corporate duties within the rules of confidentiality
  • Managing domestic and international phone, correspondence, fax, and email traffic
  • Organizing meetings, ensuring coordination with relevant units, and making necessary appointments
  • Conducting necessary research on the requested subjects, collecting information, and preparing the requested docs, reports, and presentations
  • Participation in domestic and international travel and invitations,
  • Detailed transcription of interviews and meetings,
  • Making and following up with travel organizations (hotel, plane, transfer, car rental, visa procedures, etc.),
  • Archive management, creation, organization, protection, and follow-up of the filing system
  • Incoming / outgoing documents, mail and cargo tracking,
  • Welcoming, directing, and hosting the guests in accordance with the protocol rules,
  • Representing company values in invitations and organizations,


  • Graduated from a university / Bachelor's degree or equivalent experience
  • At least 5 years of career in the field,
  • Able to take responsibility for being the assistant to the CEO,
  • Proficient in written and spoken English,
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite (Salesforce, SAP)
  • Well-organized, detail-oriented, ability to multi-task with excellent follow-up skill
  • Professionalism to comply with confidentiality rules and corporate values,
  • Have the self-confidence to take responsibility when necessary,
  • Able to produce solution-oriented approaches to solving problems,
  • Developed planning, organizational, and coordination skills,
  • Successful in human relations and strong communication skills,
  • Attention to detail, careful, meticulous, and disciplined,
  • Has the ability to diction properly and effectively,
  • In a structure that can manage intense work tempo and high stress,
  • Having knowledge of protocol rules and international invitation experience,
  • Self-aware and confident,
  • Strong representational skills,
  • No restrictions on domestic and international travel,
  • Having a B-class driver’s license and at least 3 years of urban traffic experience,
  • Residing on the European side,
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